About us

With clarity comes great vision. For FAB Graphics, this is simply about understanding, and then seeing. Our purpose, as graphic designers, is about bringing that visualisation to life, and therefore about striving for that efficacy every time. After a long tenure in the industry, FAB Graphics came together in 2010 as its own independent agency, widening the scope of design in all areas including 3D animation, Graphic Design Signage manufacturing and printing.

But vision is a thing of clarity. With additional expertise in virtual walkthroughs and fly-overs, 3D perspectives and digital photography, FAB Graphics have quickly refined themselves as specialists in property marketing, providing real estate, property developers and architects with an invaluable set of great marketing material and graphic consultation.

FAB Graphics’ methodology stems from one foundational notion: a unique and integrative approach to conceptual design. From the beginning, by building ideas and creating something from little or nothing, FAB Graphics make it clear that the focus is not solely design; it’s not solely the trees in the wood, it is conceptualisation. From concept right through to design, and even through to print and production.

FAB Graphics employ a philosophy that strives to create aesthetics that are timeless and original, that ensnare, that make you known and ultimately, that make you memorable.