Management made simple

Design can be seen in all organisations, businesses and individuals. It can be seen in many aspects of work and personal life.

The management of design jobs are completed successfully by planning, communicating, control and working towards a clear and agreed aim/goal. These principles are necessary for all design jobs, no matter how big or small. Managing design and creative projects requires clear methodology that is detailed. The key to this is having clear and open communication within the design team.

The objective of design management is to develop and maintain a business environment so that the strategic goals can be achieved and a team can be efficient and effective.

                “Design management is a complex and multifaceted activity that goes right to the heart of what a company is or does, it is not something susceptive to pat formulas,                                                                     a few bullet points or a manual. Every company’s structure and internal culture is different; design management is no exception. but the fact that every firm is different                                                                does not diminish the importance of managing design tightly and effectively.” – John Thackard

So, with that being said, how do you know when your concept and design is “good enough”?

The key to success is to carefully manage the design project; all design projects are different and will have a different process. Two major steps that will be needed for all design projects are 1. Concept and 2. Execution. It is also importnant to focus on the right elements at the right time and to establish specific goals for your project.

There is a basic  5 step guide line to  manage the design project, which can be edited according to the brief.

Firstly, define your goals for the brief. Know what the brief is asking you to do and establish what the final outcome for the project would be.

Identify your concepts, You are wanting overarching ideas that can be easily fleshed out and finalised. Remember to keep referring to your concept throughout the execution process to ensure that you are sticking to your concept and that it has a strong presence in all elements.

Thirdly, brainstorm concept ideas. Document every idea you have. Choose 1 or 2 of the strongest concepts you have and then roughly execute 2-3 ideas for each concept as to ensure your concept will work for all elements of the brief. This way you’ll be able to see what idea is the strongest idea.

Refine the execution. After choosing a concept, you can focus on the finer details of execution. At the end of the execution your message should be clear and easily tied back to the main concept, especially for those who are seeing the end result for the first time.

Lastly, produce your creative piece to the client. Be proud and confident in your work. The client responds accordingly to the attitude you put forward, so be positive. Give credit to the creative team that worked on the brief, this helps to provide the best platform for success.


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OH! Typography…

Awareness and interest of fonts and typography has grown and become a culture, thanks to documentaries such as Helvetica, and people voicing their hate for Comic Sans.

Why do we care about typography and fonts? It creates a unique brand personality making a product, service, person or place easily identifiable, all of which are needed in today’s world of saturated advertising and branding. The selection of typefaces and the arrangement is just as important as the use of colour, images or graphics in creating a brand. As James Puckett said, “The difference between good and bad typography is the work that looks professional and work that looks like someone threw together on MS Word.”

The above image was designed by us and will be posted onto our Facebook page for inspiration. The wording has been strategically placed and uses a decorative font that helps lead your eye when reading the quote. The image used also helps create a mood with the text, making an even stronger design.

Being consistent with typeface usage is also key. Choose a type face that suits your brand and is pleasing to the eye, but still legible for print and screen purposes. People can be affected by typography without being aware of it; it can affect their mood, reading speed and reading performance.

The Facebook example shown, uses 2 different fonts, keeping it classy but still fun and designed. The key words are set in the decorative font and the small but significant words are in a more scripted font. These two fonts not only have the purpose of leading your eye but also look beautiful and has an art element to it, helping to send the inspiring message to the audience targeted.

So, good typography attracts and holds the audiences attention and creates an interest in what they are reading. Good typography must be easy to read and establishes and information hierarchy. Harmony and recognition are also established through good typography.

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Clearly visual

Clearly visual

Visuals are a form of communication. They help us convey ideas and information in a fun and interesting way, and are pleasing to look at for both the designer and audience. Fab Graphics aims to create visual communications that are both appealing and meet the brief of sending out a message that is memorable.

3D images, signs, typography, drawings, graphic design, illustratiin, advertising and animation are all different types of visual communications; and offered by Fab Graphics, making us a true agency at heart. We explore the idea that a visual message including text has the power to inform, educate and/or persuade the target audience of what is being communicated.

A recent example of a strong and clear visual communication Fab Graphics has done is the above breakfast invite for MDF. The image used clearly tells us that its breakfast, and together with the typography and layout creates an interesting image to look at, encouraging the reader to tak in the finer details. The image communicates warmth, freshness, happiness and togetherness – which are all strengths used to describe the organisation, MDF. The design is simple and to the point giving only all the information that is needed, cutting out any clutter.

As designers and visual communicators, we pride ourselves on creating high quality designs at a fast-pace. We complete every brief with integrity and always keeping in mind what the objective of the project is.

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My Second Post

FAB graphics team have many years experience in all facets of 3D Animation & Graphic design, starting from Virtual Walkthroughs / Fly-overs, 3D Perspectives & Digital Photography right through to Printing and the Production of eye catching and inspiring 3D multimedia presentations. We have done work for local and international companies.

The dedicated team is extremely passionate and strive to provide their customers with the most professional and efficient service, and also with the best quality possible that suits their budget. Should you be interested in seeing some of our work, or would like to see how we can assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us for a demonstration, or to discuss your requirements.

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